Dance courses

Dance courses

Collection of selected social dancing lessons about salsa, bachata and kizomba with additional tips and advices to elevate your social dancing. 


For complete list of video go to Seasunsalsa online dance package web page.

This package with a price of only EUR 29 consists of:

  • 31 videos of top international artists of salsa/cuban/bachata and kizomba
  • 22 dance snacks / 5-10min video tutorials on topics of dance
  • 15 music boxes / 5-10 min videos on topics of music on which we dance to 

All the content below is provided for you by purchasing an online dance package subscription that will give you 12 months of access to this package. Here is what we have prepared for you.


For full list of videos jump to the Seasunsalsa online dance package web page

Online dance package

Seasunsalsa online dance subscription package - gives you 12 month unlimited access to online videos - 31 classes, 22 dance snacks and 15 music box featured on our Seasunsalsa online experience 2020 event.

Price: kn 220.00 (29.2 EUR)