• The festival organizer may only cancel or postpone SSD & CSSF Rovinj in the event of force majeure or if the festival organizer has another demonstrable compelling reason to cancel or postpone SSD & CSSF. Force majeure events include, but are not limited to: terrorist threats, terrorist attacks, inclement weather, earthquakes, strikes, fire, war, government intervention, pandemics, illness of artists, failure of and/or delays in technical facilities, failure of and/or delays in means of transport, etc.
  • The festival organizer may be forced to close down stages due to weather conditions or other force majeure events. This does not lead to a partial or full refund.
  • The festival organizer has the right to change artists/instructors and to modify the festival program if and where necessary, while maintaining the overall nature of the festival.
  • All registered participants will be notified in case of a festival cancellation due to force majeure, due to artists’ preventions, due to troubles at the chosen location or due to a low registration rate.
  • Festival cancellation notification due to a low registration rate is issued no later than 5 days before the festival date. In case of disturbances and/or interruptions, the organizer commits itself to solve or limit any problems that might occur in order to maintain and continue the festival as planned.
  • Cancellations for personal reasons - if you decide to cancel for personal reasons of any nature no refunds are issued.


1. What is ticket insurance

  • Ticket insurance will enable you to receive 80% of your ticket costs back (excluding the costs of the insurance) if you’re unable to attend the festival for any reason.
  • In order to gain your refund, contact us with your order number and receipt for the bought pass latest 2 days before the start of the event.  
  • The reimbursement will not apply to any additional costs, such as travel, accommodation or any other costs connected to the festival activities.
  • Ticket insurance is optional, but it has to be bought at the same time as the ticket. You cannot buy the ticket insurance additionally.
  • The repayment will be done up to max. 30 days after your request has arrived.

2. Ticket insurance price

  • Ticket insurance can be bought for festival passes, boat tickets, special events and additional bootcamps.
  • Ticket insurance costs 10% of the ticket price, with a minumun of 10 eur. 
  • For example, if you buy two tickets, both with ticket insurance, one festival pass for 280 eur and one boat ticket for 35 eur, you will pay 38 eur insurance in total - 28 eur isurance for a festival pass and 10 eur for boat ticket.