Our salsa festival has grown in the last couple of years to be one of the busiest salsa festivals in Europe. And the sensual prelude is getting there as well :) Because of that the number of promoters and promotional materials accumulating at the festivals has also increased, making it rather difficult for you to promote your event properly. Precisely this is the reason why we'd like to introduce some guidelines which will enable you to promote your event the best possible way and give us the opportunity to keep track.


If you're interested in promoting at our festival, the first step is to fill in this form, let us know how you'd like to promote your event, and let us find the best possible solution for all of us! We will do our best.

*Salsa Adria Produkcije will use the information you provide through this form to get in touch with you and to provide you with information about your application. We use the data we collect in order to provide you with the best possible experiences on our events and to get in contact with you in order to solve any issues you might have with coming to one of our events. Your data will not be shared with a third party and will not be used in any other purpose.


To those of you who don't register their promo material, we can't guarantee that you will be able to promote your event due to the lack of space. Also, all promo materials placed on spots outside of promo hotspots at the festival will be removed and you will be able to pick them up at our festival office.