This is the revised cancelation policy for the Seasunsalsa events made to take into the account possible scenarios that can lead to the cancelation of your tickets or cancelation of our events due to COVID-19 pandemic. Please read carefully before purchasing tickets for our events.


1 The event can not happen due to the Croatian government restrictions 

  1. In case you have purchased a ticket for one or more events organized by Salsa Adria Produkcije d.o.o. which can not take place on the provided dates in 2021. due to the Croatian government restrictions as a result of a pandemic of Covid-19 virus, your pass is automatically transferred to the same event in the year 2022. 
  2. In a case you would like to get a refund instead, you need to request it sending us an e-mail with your order number. Failure to notify us within any specified deadline that you are unable to attend the rescheduled event will be deemed to be a reconfirmation of your order for passes/tickets for the rescheduled event, and you will not be able to claim a refund after the deadline.
  3. Refunds are subjects to 15 Eur administration fee and reduced for the bank fees.
  4. Refunds will be made using the same means of payment as you used for the initial purchase (bank fees not included)

2 Travel restrictions and travel warnings

  1. If travelling to our events is not possible to you due to the Croatian government restrictions for your country of origin, you can transfer your pass to the same event next year. 
  2. If your country of origin issues a travel warning for Croatia including the time of the event and resulting in a mandatory quarantine at your return which prevents you from traveling, you can transfer your pass to the same event next year. 
  3. In a case you got infected with COVID-19 infection and you need to be in a mandatory quarantine which prevents you from traveling to one or more of our events, you can transfer your pass to the same event next year. You will need to send us an email informing us about your situation also sending us the proof of your mandatory quarantine (positive test) BEFORE the event starts.

3 General conditions

  1. The festival organizer may only cancel or postpone SSD & CSSF Opatija/Rovinj in the event of force majeure or if the festival organizer has another demonstrable compelling reason to cancel or postpone SSD & CSSF. Force majeure events include, but are not limited to: terrorist threats, terrorist attacks, inclement weather, earthquakes, strikes, fire, war, government intervention, pandemics, illness of artists, failure of and/or delays in technical facilities, failure of and/or delays in means of transport, etc.
  2. The festival organizer may be forced to close down stages due to weather conditions or other force majeure events. This does not lead to a partial or full refund.
  3. The Salsa Adria Produkcije d.o.o. has the right to change artists/instructors and to modify the festival program if and where necessary, while maintaining the overall nature of the festival.
  4. All registered participants will be notified in case of a festival cancellation due to force majeure, due to artists’ preventions, due to troubles at the chosen location or due to a low registration rate. 
  5. Festival cancellation notification due to a low registration rate is issued no later than 5 days before the festival date. In case of disturbances and/or interruptions, Salsa Adria Produkcije d.o.o. commits itself to solve or limit any problems that might occur in order to maintain and continue the festival as planned.
  6. Cancellations for personal reasons - if you decide to cancel for personal reasons of any nature no refunds are issued.

4 Cancelation insurance offer

  1. What is ticket insurance? Ticket insurance will enable you to receive 80% of your ticket costs back (excluding the costs of the insurance) if you’re unable to attend the festival for any reason. In order to gain your refund contact us with your with order number and receipt for the bought pass latest 2 days before the start of the event. The repayment will be done up to max. 30 days after your request has arrived
    1. The reimbursement will not apply to any additional costs, such as travel, accommodation or any other costs connected to the festival activities.
    2. Ticket insurance is optional, but it has to be bought at the same time as the ticket. You cannot buy the ticket insurance additionally.
  2. Ticket insurance price: basic fee for the ticket insurance is 10 EUR. For every 100 EUR more, the fee is additional 10 EUR. E.g. If your ticket costs 180 EUR, the ticket insurance is 20 EUR.