Martina Pranjić

Martina Pranjić

23/02/2016 12:00 pm



Workshops? Hell yeah!

Workshops? Hell yeah!

Why are we all beginners in a way and why is being that kind of a beginner actually great? Let's try and clarify those things a bit.

The social character that salsa and related dances share is probably one of the main reasons that it has become so widespread – is there anything better than hanging out with a bunch of new people, having fun dancing and making new friendships?! You’re all familiar with that feeling, I’m sure. For many people this is just about enough, so after learning some salsa basics they simply stop attending workshops and just come to parties. Or they reach a certain dance level and think that they don’t want to be the new Adolfo anyway/they find attending further workshops a waste of time/they’re satisfied with how they’re doing/, etc. and also decide that attending workshops is something for beginners.

Why are we all beginners in that sense and why is being that kind of a beginner actually great? Let's see.

1. There isn’t a workshop where you can’t learn something

Oh, sorry! Yeah, there is actually one type of workshops where you can’t learn anything – the ones you don’t attend! Forget about the levels – many advanced dancers take beginner lessons as well, because there’s always something to learn on every level. In the end it’s not about the level anyway – it’s about how much you know.

2. Advanced, you say?

Attending workshops can actually be a huge reality check for many of you. When was the last time all of you self-proclaimed advanced dancers attended a workshop? Are you sure you could follow the workshop? Just checkin’…

3. It’s all about pushing your limits

When are we ready to go to the next level? When do you stop being an improver and get to intermediate or advanced? Well you’ll never know if you don’t attend any workshops, will you?! When you start getting cozy on one level, you’re not challenged and you could easily get bored. Trying out some new, more advanced stuff or starting to learn a new dance will force you to invest time into your own progress – which will consequently make you and dancers you dance with very very happy :)

4. Every instructor is their own story

And precisely because of that you can gain so much out of this great variety of professionals and individuals. If nothing – you can learn who to avoid next time :)

So let’s learn! Both Summer Sensual Days and Croatian Summer Salsa Festival have special Prefestival Days with top instructors in their fields, all dance types you can imagine and a limited number of tickets to create the perfect atmosphere for your dance development. Prefestival Days are included in Freak and Combo passes, and in both Paradise and X-treme passes, so if you’re up for some learning these passes are definitely for you.

See you in a couple of months in Rovinj! :)