Martina Pranjić

Martina Pranjić

21/03/2016 12:00 pm



Why dancing to a 10-min-long song is actually NOT the worst tragedy in the world?

Why dancing to a 10-min-long song is actually NOT the worst tragedy in the world?

Should festival organizers make the effort of bringing huge groups of live musicians to their festivals or not?

This topic has been among the “favourite” ones probably since the first time a live band performed on a salsa congress. The scenario looked probably something like this - imagine the first ever live band concert at a salsa festival. The band is playing, everyone dancing and a certain somebody makes a comment to their friend „Sh… man, I'm dying here, every song lasts for at least 15 minutes!“ And this is where it all started. Till this day, the no 1 reason which everyone mentions when this topic comes up is that one song, judging by an avalanche of comments from all sides, supposedly lasts like an average episode of an American sitcom. Not true, for starters. Want some more reasons why you’re a cry baby?

Listening to good music live

Creating music is an art for itself. What would you say if you had an opportunity of sitting in a studio where all master pieces of salsa are created? You’d go nuts, of course! And isn’t a concert a place where amazing music is created? And not just that – you actually have space to dance and you can share this wonderful experience with many other people.


You can’t even start measuring the amount of excitement that you get to experience when you actually get a chance to be present, flesh and blood, at a concert and look at musicians making the music you love. You don’t agree? Well, next time you feel like travelling somewhere just save yourself time and money and stay at home. There are tonnes of online tours which you can go through from your chair. It’s all the same right? ;)


You sure as hell won’t talk to your grandchildren about that Friday night you spent at home listening to a CD! But a great concert, in the midst of an old town, next to the sea, with a couple of thousands of dancers from the whole world, with a sole aim of having a great time, now that sounds like some story to tell…. :)

And if a song really DOES last for a long time – nobody will think anything bad about you if you just excuse yourself politely and stop dancing. You can make it up to this person with another dance when you catch some breath, champ ;)

This year’s edition of CSSF is bringing you two amazing live concerts – on Thursday, 30th June, band EL Chino y La Diferencia with exclusive show performances by Adolfo and the Latin Soul Dancers and a huge Cuban fiesta directed by the one and only Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor rocking the main square in Rovinj, on Friday, 1st July. It’s definitely worthwhile! Or not… there are tonnes of videos of people having the best time in Rovinj so you can just check them on You Tube and it’s like you’ve been there, it’s all the same, right? ;)