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Vladimir Semenčić

15/05/2015 12:00 pm



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What to expect from Summer Sensual Days 2015

What to expect from Summer Sensual Days 2015

With hyper-production of dance events around the world sometimes it is hard to see a needle in a haystack and with so many great events around, the decision you make has to be the best one. What makes us different and in the end what can you expect from Summer Sensual Days in year 2015?

When we started SSD 4 years ago we never imagined it would grow so fast and reach the numbers we have today. People all around the world coming to Rovinj to enjoy mesmerizing rhythms of bachata, kizomba & zouk, swaying their bodies in the sun and embracing each other like there is no tomorrow. What a sight to an untrained eye! We must be looking very strange to the innocent bystanders looking from aside. Well, I think they are jealous juuuuusst a little bit ;)

Going back to the topic - what can you expect from SSD in 2015.

Sea, Sun & Sexy recipe

For starters we won't change things that have worked well. During all those years we kind of found out what our forte is and what pushes your buttons - in a positive way! So let's take a look at the good old stuff that make our recipe very special for you:

  • plenty of high quality workshops to choose from, so your feet and bodies relax more, giving place for emotions to burst out
  • plenty of beach partying, so at the same time you are having fun - your body gets some oh-so-long-needed-D vitamin and a beautiful tan!
  • summer evening and night parties on 4 floors (we'll get to that a bit later)!
  • unforgettable party boat trips on one of the most beautiful seas on the planet
  • live concert with one of the "big names"!
  • of course, the trademark of our events, crazy pool party!
  • dancing under the stars - there is nothing like that - so primal, so natural
  • lots of smiling, hugging, swimming, tanning
  • enjoying the beautiful and charming town of Rovinj as dance crowd takes over the town - visiting restaurants and lively streets of Rovinj, taking a bike around the city or along the seashore, looking at the sunset and simply savoring the moments for eternity

Making it last

You didn't want it to stop - and we took that into concern. True, why not making three days of heaven into five days? So we did. And it feels right. And good. Additional 2 days of fun & sun makes the difference. We added additional 2 pre-festival days with parties and special intensive workshops with top instructors for bachata, kizomba and zouk. Now the whole SSD experience lasts for 6 days. Feels just right. So prepare for

Artists lineup

Never before have we had such an incredible gathering of bachata, kizomba and zouk artists as it is this year. The culture of dance by its own definition asks and demands for people to connect with each other - physically and emotionally. The artists we present to you are hand picked in order to make not only your learning experience unforgettable but also to inspire the dancer in you.

There are still some more "invisible" improvements done in order to make your experience on Summer Sensual Days 2015 unforgettable, again. To be completely honest we can't wait for it to start. Countdown has begun. Prepare your feet, do your physical preparation, bring the vitamins ;) It is now a marathon people, not a sprint. Enjoy each step of the day and ... carpe diem!

All that zouk

This edition of SSD is bringing zouk program to another level! Yes, we have been neglecting the zouk crowd out there a bit, and they're hungry for great events. We've switched to a higher gear, done our homework and prepared some exciting things for zouk lovers!

SEPARATED PARTY DANCE FLOOR - enjoy your Summer Sensual experience on over 300 square meters of dance floor just for ZOUK!

ZOUK DJs all night long. We respect music and dancers, so we called "the people" who know "their stuff". Zouk music at its best.

PRE FESTIVAL advanced workshops with FREDDY & ANDRESSA! - 6 intermediate/advanced workshops with not only great artists, but also great people

Over 10 ZOUK WORKSHOPS during festival weekend, from beginner to advanced level


Can't wait for the feedback from our zouk guests! If you are interested also for being our promotor in zouk community contact us!

4 dance floors in 2015

Dance floors - organizers' nightmare and a necessity for all of us dancers out there. Well, we doubled it! Instead of two dance floors which we had all these years, now we have four dance floors.

  • bachata floor (with a bit of salsa here and there)
  • kizomba floor
  • urban kizz / ghetto zouk floor - yes the controversy for the naming is out there - however it all fades out the moment you start to dance
  • zouk floor

Live concert on Sunday night!

There is no better thing as a live concert in a summer night. Yes, we will bring you again an unforgettable live experience for your body and soul! Watch our FB and web pages for more info soon ;)

Official airport transfers

Indeed, there are many more reachable places than Rovinj, but not as many as charming and neither one of those host unique dance festivals ;) Still, your vacation starts the moment you step your foot outside your home and head up to Rovinj. To make your life easier and your trip more pleasant, we are now offering organised shuttle transfers from nearest airports to Rovinj and back. Get some info here and start planning your trip!

Family friendly festival - 70% discount on a second pass

Whenever you're travelling with your kid to a salsa festival, it's almost impossible to be at a party or workshop at the same time with your wife/husband - somebody has to take care of the kid, right? :) Well this is why we have decided to offer you the second pass of the same kind at a much cheaper price! But here are also some other reasons why you should really consider Rovinj as your family dance holiday:

  • Family Friendly pass - 70% discount on a second pass - We feel your pain of missing out - your child is always in the first place so you will not be able to do everything you want during the festival - so why pay for it!
  • Rovinj is a perfect place for summer vacation with a family
  • There is plenty of good accommodation available (ok, if you book early)
  • beach parties - why not - dancing during the day - two parents can handle and change with babysitting
  • night parties - why not - each night is free night for 1 parent ;)

DJ schedule announced

With so many choices sometimes it is harder to make a decision when to go to a party or to which floor to go to dance. Having a DJ schedule gives you an option of knowing when and where your favourite DJs are playing. Will you care? It is your decision. We felt it would be good to provide you with that information. Let us know if you found it useful. 

Find the DJ schedule under the program section of our web site.


A small but useful improvement - we organised the marketplace in its own dedicated space but still located centrally in our party place - the old tobacco factory. So, more space and peace to try your  brand new shoes on! ;)


There are still some more "invisible" improvements done in order to make your experience on Summer Sensual Days 2015 unforgettable, again. To be completely honest we can't wait for it to start. The countdown has begun. Prepare your feet, do your physical preparation, bring the vitamins ;) It is now a marathon people, not a sprint. Enjoy each step of the day and ... carpe diem!