Martina Pranjić

Martina Pranjić

12/09/2016 12:00 pm



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So… what have you guys been doing all this time?

So… what have you guys been doing all this time?

It’s that time of the year, you know. When you’re still summing up impressions from your festival and when everybody has this strong urge to ask: “So, what are you guys doing right now, I mean, your job is done!” Yeah sure, Captain Obvious. Believe it or not, our festival year and work start again in July, right after one festival finishes.

So it’s been a bit more than 2 months we haven’t been that active on social networks. What has been going on? Let’s see…

Went on a vacation. First things first. You gotta have priorities, right?

Did tonnes of paperwork. Not everything is oh-so-glamorous when you're organizing a salsa festival. This is basically the greatest part of our after festival work and (you can probably assume) the most boring one. Bills, letters, thank you’s, surveys, charts, comparisons, projections, calculations, questionnaires, July and August in Zagreb, 100 degrees in the office, the horror.

Hated it. ‘Nuff said.

Realized we’ve organized the biggest festival so far. Oh, yeah! Rovinj had never been so packed with dancers! When you have a thousand people attending the first party of the festival, then you know you’re doing something right.

Did some celebrating. #Seasunsalsa team got a new member! Hello little Mia! :)

Started the sales for 2017. And guess what – the minute we opened the sales, we already had our first order. You impatient lot, you. Unbelievable.

Thought of including Durex as one of our sponsors. Yeah, we read the text. No comment.

Managed to experience Rovinj in a slightly different way. Helping to organize an IT conference with 140 participants is quite refreshing actually.

Agreed upon some hot newcomers for next year’s festivals. Oh, you’ll like them! ;)

More parties? Hell yeah! There are some holes in our program, they say. We say – OK, let’s party some more! When and where? Stay tuned, new website is almost done, you’ll see soon enough for yourself.

Made a wicked promotion plan. We will be present! And we’ll be present a lot! Meet us on festivals all around Europe! Black shirts with #seasunsalsa sign, big bright smiles, possibly the loudest persons in the room.

Brainstorming. And then some more brainstorming. The mother of all crazy ideas which we tend to include in our program. And again – we have come up with some more. Be afraid.

Enjoying life. And that one speaks for itself.

Ready for the new #seasunsalsa season! Hope to see ya around happy people!

P.S. Check out our updated websites next week ;)