Martina Pranjić

Martina Pranjić

18/02/2016 12:00 pm



How about a glass of wine?

How about a glass of wine?

Rum and colorful cocktails are common “fuel“ at salsa parties, right? Bur having a glass of really amazing wine with your meal or at the evening party is definitely a must, especially if you’re attending a salsa festival in a region famous for its amazing wine. What should be on your list when you come to Istria? Take a look!

1. Malvazija

The queen of lightness. Here, where Alpine and Mediterranean climates meet in harmony, is the home of the Malvasia Istriana grape variety, though it is also found across the Italian border. Dry yet round and long, this wine is perfect served at 10-120 Celsius, with fresh seafood and nothing more than drops of lemon juice and a drizzle of fine Istrian olive oil. Now that’s something you want to try!

2. Terra Rosa

Drinkable, light, everyday wine to suit the palate of both the experienced connoisseurs and the ordinary wine-lovers among the reds. The refreshing and lovely Terra Rossa will win you over with its unpretentiousness. It complements good food and good company nicely on a daily basis. If that isn’t something that fits into your festival schedule, then what is? :)

3. Muškat

And this is something to round things up. Whether you’re having just fruit or some delicious cake for dessert, this is what you’ll want to drink with it. Delicate and sweet aroma and a full taste that lingers in your mouth. P.S. Some say that it has an aphrodisiacal effect… Just saying… No implications involved ;)

If you’re really up for something different and unique – combining salsa with local Istrian tradition with inevitable wine tasting – then Secret Vineyard Party is something you definitely want to check out. Amazing wine, delicious Istrian food, great music by DJs Ozy and Latin Master and an unforgettable party in the midst of an Istrian vineyard! Crazy, right? :)