Martina Pranjić

Martina Pranjić

08/02/2016 12:00 pm



Female perspective - the worst pick-up lines on the dance floor

Female perspective - the worst pick-up lines on the dance floor

In it to win it, right? :)

We've all started dancing for some reason. “Winning it” could be new friendships, new experiences, maybe also a bet, or a way to test your limits, etc. But for some people dance is also a good way to meet their super special someone because it gathers a whole lot of open-minded, cheerful people with one perspective – to have a good time. So be it because of your own private plans and objectives or just because the situation itself (tonnes of half-naked people having fun at the seaside) is a fertile ground for all kinds of love (or like) stories, the fact is that they do exist, and in large numbers. How do they start? Well they definitely don't, if you start off like this…

1. “Soooo… what do you do, why are you here, why is the sky blue, what's the meaning of life?”

You hear your favorite song, instantly feel even better than before, get invited to the dance floor by a cute guy and start getting your groove on and right after a first couple of tunes this guy starts talking. And all of a sudden what was supposed to be one great dance turns into a battle of the two with what is more of a half-dance-half-talk conundrum, satisfying in the end none of the participants. Stop talking guys! You can introduce yourself before the dance, but if you really like this girl you’re dancing with, let her be during the dance – invite her for a drink afterwards and ask whatever you want.

2. “Let’s go to the kizomba room, I feel more comfortable there”

A classic! Because there’s no better way to hit on a girl than pressing your sweaty-I’ve-been-dancing-my-ass-off-the-whole-night-body on her. Well here’s some news – no, most of the girls won’t fall for that. This scenario will probably finish in her avoiding you for the rest of the party/festival. If you need kizomba to get somebody’s attention, then you’ve seriously got to work on your skills.

3. “Oh look at you all alone here! You look like you need some company.”

No. Just waiting for a friend. Having a rest. Checking out that great dancer. There are tonnes of possible reasons why a woman might be standing alone next to a dancefloor, and many of them don’t require any kind of “rescues” Mr. Superman. If you want to start some kind of interaction, just ask this girl for a dance for goodness sake!

4. “I sink you’re beautiful!” (burp)

Despite the popular belief, alcohol won’t make you a better dancer. Or a Casanova. It’s actually quite the opposite – you might earn yourself a whole lot of frowns and curse words. So if you’ve decided to let loose (and I mean to REALLY let loose), maybe it would be a good idea to skip dancing until you’re OK. I think you’d ruin pretty much all of your chances to meet the love of your life if you’re a hazard on the dancefloor, stupefying everyone around with your rum-flavored breath.

So guys, instead of inventing some super original pick-up lines and creating master plans to get to the girl you really like, maybe keeping it simple is sometimes the best choice. Ask a girl to dance. Introduce yourself. Thank her afterwards. Offer her a drink. That should do it. If it doesn’t – Rovinj festivals are big enough, with 4 huge floors per festival, offering you a whole lotta chances to get lost and start fresh any time ;) One more reason to come, right? :)

Good luck and see you in Rovinj ;)