8 things you should know before you come to Summer Sensual Days and Croatian Summer Salsa Festival

8 things you should know before you come to Summer Sensual Days and Croatian Summer Salsa Festival

Everybody’s talking about it, everybody’s got some story related to it, and you still haven’t been there? Well, there are some things that you really need to know before you come. For starters – choosing to visit Summer Sensual Days and Croatian Summer Salsa Festival is one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life. Seriously. Now proceed… :)

1. New friends...all the time

It is literally IMPOSSIBLE not to meet new people in Rovinj, primarily because of the physics – if you put a couple of thousands of people in a rather small town, it is inevitable that they’re going to meet all the time, in all kinds of occasions and all kinds of places. Especially when you have a number of people with one common purpose – to have one hell of a time! It all starts with nodding and casual glances, proceeds with an oh-you’ve-got-a-full-pass-me-too-let’s-go-to-some-workshops-together-kind of conversation and finishes with a lifelong friendship/relationship/marriage/etc. True story.

2. Hot tan

The festival is at the seaside and is taking place during the summer. Need we say more? You know what that means, right? Some beach-dancing, body-showing, half-naked-walking times going on around there! Get ready for some green-with-envy looks when you get back home ;)

3. Super-duper stars

They are the Michael Jacksons, Beyonces and Rolling Stones of the salsa scene! And they are all here! Whether it’s the instructors, the bands or performers – crème de la crème has their eye on Rovinj every year. So yeah, you can stop drooling while watching their You Tube clips – you can actually meet them in Rovinj! And if you’re brave enough, maybe you can get a dance or two, as well ;)

4. Food, food, food! And then some more food (and a casual glass or two of wine.. :))

Oh yeah, you’re up for some pretty amazing treats! The local food is absolutely delicious, there are tonnes of restaurants offering Istrian specialties combined with top Istrian wine. Luckily, there are plenty of places to dance, all-day-all-night, so you can burn all of these calories in no time.

5. Partying where you haven't partied before

Ever danced in the street with a couple of thousands of people? What about dancing in an old tobacco factory? A boat? City beaches (and not looked at as if you were insane)? And here’s the absolute winner – how about dancing in a vineyard? No, you say? Well, tough luck! But here’s some great news – with your SSD and CSSF ticket, you’ve also bought an incredible experience of dancing salsa in all of these places. Pretty cool, huh?

6. Sleep deprivation

Rumour has it that the most often cited quote in Rovinj is – “You’ll sleep when you die.”, right next to “Sleep is so overrated/last season/for p(CENSORED)”. You. Will. Not. Sleep. That’s a promise. Whether it’s the parties or your friends, or some other people keeping you up – you will simply get used to not needing so much sleep. As soon as you get back home – count on sleeping for the next 48 hours. Interesting phenomenon actually. Probably connected with the next point.

7. FOMO (Fear of missing out)

A perpetual phenomenon, noticed on many of the participants of Summer Sensual Days and Croatian Summer Salsa Festival. Provoked probably by the never-ending program of the festival, enabling the participants almost 24-hour dancing for more than a week. The patients tend to suffer from heavy sleep deprivation, frequent good mood attacks, out-of-the-blue laughing and ecstatic episodes . The phenomenon tends to transform into the PRD (Post-Rovinj-Depression) and is usually cured with a ticket for the next edition of this festival. Veeery dangerous – be careful ;)

8. Happiness overload

There is this good vibe around the festival and everyone taking part in it that makes you feel great all the time! And not just during the festival – in the aftermath as well! Oh, you have to wait for a long time for a meal in a restaurant? Never mind, you’ll dance a bit while waiting. Oh, somebody took your spot at the beach right in front of you? Whatever, you decide you don’t need a place cause you’ll be dancing all the time. Oh, somebody stepped on your foot? So what, this blue nail will get better in no time :) Unbelievable, but true!

This is just a short overview of what you should expect... Don't say we didn't tell you.. ;) See you in a couple of months happy people!!