Martina Pranjić

Martina Pranjić

17/07/2017 12:00 pm


Event management

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Thank you 13 - we love you

Thank you 13 - we love you

OK, we can somehow bear the fact that a complete set of SSD T-shirts got ruined, but being forced to cancel Grande Fiesta?! Oh, c’mon!

New year, new challenges, right? Well this one really didn’t give us a break. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you get a slap in the face (or a couple of them) and realize (again) that you can never be too ready.

It’s those little things you can’t control, that really take away your energy. Your brochure gets printed in the wrong way. Your T-shirts get ruined. The posters are the wrong size. Flights get delayed (so your instructors are late). A volunteer cancels. And then, as a cherry on top, you get bad weather (and all consequences that a condition like that has on an open air event). And then you think – well yeah, it’s the number 13, of course it can’t be good.

But then you realize that none of that matters. That you have more people than ever, and that they are ready to dance their feet off in the rain if necessary. That you managed to keep a large majority of participants happy with your schedule changes. That you’ve succeeded to do the best show production in your festival history. That you’ve introduced new concepts, new places and new parties and that people accepted them with their hands wide spread and with a big bright smile on their faces. That your instructors cry when they have to leave Rovinj. That your complete list of volunteers already applied for next year as well. And most importantly – that your team can bear any kind of challenge that comes. And that there are no obstacles – there are only lessons.

Next year will be a big one for us. We’re adding one more weekend to the existing two weeks, and we’re starting off on a new location before Rovinj - in Opatija. The only thing we can and will say is – 2018, bring it on! We’re ready.

Stay happy and enjoy your summer, be right back ;)