Martina Pranjić

Martina Pranjić

02/02/2015 11:30 am


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5 types of people who come to the registrations office

5 types of people who come to the registrations office

Working with people is always a pretty demanding task, especially when you find yourself working at a place which hosts a couple of thousands of people every day. Luckily, it’s just for 2 weeks, so no medication and health treatments are usually needed :) Based on our experience, we've come up with 5 most frequent types of people that come to our registrations office: 

1. Smarty pants

You can recognize them by their position in the queue – they're the ones coming out of the office with their passes among the first ones, 'cause they've checked the office working hours ages ago! They have it all printed out – confirmation mails for their passes, a complete program of the festival, workshop schedule with circled workshops they want to attend and the city map of both Rovinj and the surrounding area, so they can't get lost anywhere. They're the ones who can work easily at the info point next to the festival office with the amount of info they know about the festival and usually have no questions accept if they're about some mistakes they've found in the program. Did we mention that we love you? :)

2. Superstar

You can hear them before you see them, 'cause there's a wave of screams coming before they actually appear on the horizon from all the people they're greeting and talking to on the way. They know literally EVERYONE. Even if they don't, they’ll greet you on the way like you've known each other for years. They usually have no idea about anything in the program, they're just here for the parties. Having said that – they know where the hottest pre-parties, after-parties, house-parties, party-parties, whatever-parties, etc. are. The official ones are so overrated anyway :)

3. Trouble maker

Oh, you don't want to mess with these! They come and want their tickets right away! Regardless of the fact that there are tonnes of other people in the line in front of them. There isn't a chance that this person has seen anything wrong or that they have the wrong info – they know everything better, even better than the organizers. Aggression is their way – 'cause normal talking is for losers, obviously.

4. Lost in translation

It's all Greek to them… but at least they’re almost always quite positive, even though they don't understand a thing you're saying. The passes description looks like the worst algorithm in the world and you can easily break your tongue explaining the exact directions to the venues. Luckily, in most cases they come with a friend who speaks some kind of a broken English so it all goes well. Just smile… and wave :)

5. Negotiator

You know how it's said – they know people who know people. Their first attempt of getting in is to say they've arranged something with a member of the organization team (that only they know of) or that they're close friends with the organizers. If this doesn't work, they usually say that they've brought a huge pack of people and demand a couple of free tickets. And if it still doesn't work, then they usually turn into the third type – trouble makers.

There are many many more kinds of people of course, but this was the selection of the ones that occur most frequently in our office :) One more important thing - this was obviously written just for fun, not that we want to offend anybody. You are all amazing people with your individual personalities, we love you all and without each and every one of you, our festival definitely wouldn't be the same!

See you in no time at the registrations office in Rovinj ;)