Dedicated focused progressive workshops for dancers

Education, improving your dance knowledge and having a great time with some of the world's best instructors... this is what Seasunsalsa Academy is all about
We often don't have an opportunity to learn from the best - Seasunsalsa Academy creates precisely these kinds of opportunities. 

This name was chosen because we want to emphasize education - learning progressively and establishing what you already know. We party a lot, hang out, have fun, but how much do we really invest into our dance knowledge? How much do we know at all? Can we do more? How can we get more? So the message is - let's progress, educate ourselves and be satisfied with our dancing!

Workshops will be held during the weekends - five of them to be more precise. The concept is the same - we're starting off with a slight introduction and the basics of respective dances, and proceeding with more intricate footwork, body movement exercises and combinations as well as some tips and tricks. Workshops are limited to 60 people each and are targeted at improver/intermediate and advanced dancers.

Oh, we're taking out the big guns :) Bachata, kizomba and salsa masters from all over the world with their respective fields of expertise :)

29 - 30.10.2016 KIZOMBA with Dejan and Sanja
18. - 19.11.2016 BACHATA with Julian and Tara
21. - 22.01.2017 SALSA with Fabian and Esther
25. - 26.02.2017 BACHATA with Gaby and Estefy
18. - 19.03.2017 SALSA with Fadi and Bersy

What's the best place to check if you've learned something or not? Dancing it off at a party, of course! :) So next to a range of workshops, every Academy weekend will have a big party included with our dear DJs, lots of good energy, our instructors killing it on the dance floor and a bunch of surprises in form of competitions, animations, promotions, discounts etc. You'll just have to come and check it out for yourself :)

These progressive and intensive workshops are targeted at dancers, i.e. they're not for absolute beginners. They were created for all of you who know the basics and are pretty confident in using them, but want to broaden your dance horizons, learn and try something new and experience different approaches used by different instructors (in a fun and exciting way, of curse :)) Yeah, it's you we're talking to, you've recognized yourself, haven't you? :)

Each weekend will have a set of 5 workshops which will be sold like that - as a set/package. Individual workshops can't be bought. You can apply for more workshops and by doing that you'll get a chance to win numerous prices and benefits (festival discounts, passes, T-shirts, etc), but more on that in individual events ;)

Phone: 01/8894166

Enter the magical world of our Seasunsalsa Academy, improve your knowledge, learn from the best, experience something new, discover your talent and have fun along the way! The world is coming to you!