eZ Publish Summer Camp 2013

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eZ Publish Summer Camp is a learn & fun event organised by Netgen company: learning eZ Publish CMS and having fun on Croatian island of Brač

Sometimes getting out of the every day routine is simply the best way how to grow oneself. Traveling to an amazing place, well that is something we save the money through all the year and we call it "a vacation" ;)

Now, combine those two and you will get an amazing learn&fun experience - which we named eZ Publish Summer Camp. It is 3 to 5 day long extensive developers seminar situated on one of the most beautiful islands in Adriatic. And yes, there is a fun factor included of course. Just check out the last year pictures. Do we need to say more? Learning should be fun - we take this very seriously ;)

See you in Bol, Croatia, September 2013 on yet another edition of eZ Publish Summer Camp!


Official web site: http://www.ezsummercamp.com/